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Document Description
About This is proof of concept code to show persistence with some simple patterns like QBE and optimistic locking. Currently I just handle the persistence using iBatis but I would like to apply the same concepts with different persistence frameworks. I haven't played with Hibernate in a while and I've never done JPA. There are some very lightweight persistence frameworks out there, I'd like to see how they do. I'd also like to put a web user interface on top of it and swap out persistence implementations using Spring DI.
Continuous Integration This is a link to the definitions of all continuous integration processes that builds and tests code on a frequent, regular basis.
Dependencies This document lists the projects dependencies and provides information on each dependency.
Issue Tracking This is a link to the issue management system for this project. Issues (bugs, features, change requests) can be created and queried using this link.
Mailing Lists This document provides subscription and archive information for this project's mailing lists.
Project License This is a link to the definitions of project licenses.
Project Summary This document lists other related information of this project
Project Team This document provides information on the members of this project. These are the individuals who have contributed to the project in one form or another.
Source Repository This is a link to the online source repository that can be viewed via a web browser.